Class Activity


Data VS. Information

           Data is raw unprocessed facts, often formed in grids or shown in numerical form. Information is also data, however, it’s the way that information is interpreted that makes it differ from raw data. You can determine if something is data if you know that everything is a fact and has not been interpreted in any special way, basically it is exactly what it is and nothing more! Information on the other hand can be bias or completely swayed by perception. I believe data is more valuable than information for the simple fact that it’s just the facts!

          I believe the cost of information is a bit less pricey than data because it is seemingly more interesting, for example, a gossip magazine may look like it has facts so a reader may be more inclined to buy that magazine just because of the way the pictures and words are displayed. That same topic maybe discussed in a less costly newspaper but odds are that same reader won’t even bother to read due to the plain text of the paper. Data is very valuable to big companies, they want to know more about their prospective and current customers. They will pay big bucks to know how they can improve and they want to be the first to do it. Personally, I am just a 21 year old college student so I suppose that I’d value information over data.

           When it comes to digital content, I usually spend money on computer games, cheap phone apps and movies. I hardly ever purchase music or eBooks. I buy the computer games because chances are I’m going to spend MANY hours playing them and I’ll be completely happy with my purchase for months to come. I’ll temporarily rent a movie from online for movie night with friends or some type of occasion as such, nothing on the regular. I buy cheap phone apps because I’m always on the go and I could use a game or two to keep me busy. Yes there are legal alternatives however the quality isn’t as good, I’d rather pay and get exactly what I want. 

            AJC currently provides quick access headlines and short summaries of stories for free. By using the customer is able to access more in depth news. I believe they made this choice because the world is quickly becoming digital. They wanted a way to capitalize and not let their company go down just because the sale of physical newspapers has declined. I believe they chose stories that they knew people would want to read after reading a summary to capture their audience and make them want to pay by leaving them on a cliff with the preview of the story.